The purpose for the Sarsfield Community Association is:

  • To represent the views of the Sarsfield community.
  • To support and advocate for the development of the Sarsfield community.
  • To plan, maintain and develop community assets desired by the Sarsfield community.
  • To provide support to the Sarsfield community after chaotic events.

This is an opportunity for anyone wanting to become more involved to do so. It is important to be able to work together in an inclusive and positive way that considers the best interests of the whole community and is one of the main reasons for moving to the community association model.

You do not have to be a member of the Sarsfield Community Association to have your voices heard or to take part in activities or actions that arise from the priorities. But, by becoming a member you will be able to help shape how the priorities are delivered and achieved. Fill in the form on the right if you're interested in joining the Association.

Join the Sarsfield Community Association.

Sarsfield Committee Projects