The Pitch will be Mown!!

(Jo Andrews, Cynthia McStephen & Rod Thomas – SRRC)

The Sarsfield Recreation Reserve Committee (SRRC) have finally received their new mower to look after the Sarsfield oval.

The committee were given a generous grant from the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal to purchase the mower back in December 2020. With the worldwide problems of delivery of equipment it has taken eleven months to finally arrive.

With the imminent start of the cricket season and a new team coming on the block with the start of the Bruthen/Sarsfield cricket team there were some nervous people worrying if they would be able to provide a suitable pitch in time for the season.

Rod Thomas, President of the SRRC said today “Receiving the grant from FRRR was fantastic and even better they had the patience to wait for us to expend the money due to the delay on delivery. The start of a new cricket team based at Sarsfield is great for the local community and will be a revival of what used to be a significant use of the Sarsfield oval.”

Draft Sarsfield master plan now available for review.

The Draft Master Plan for the Sarsfield Recreation Reserve is now complete following broad community input, including various surveys from the Friday Feeds.

Feedback and comment is now sought to finalise the draft into a Final Master Plan which is of critical importance in securing upcoming government funding to implement the improvements.

Click here to see the draft plan.