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The Sarsfield Community Association (SCA) launched an online forum in early December 2021 to understand local concerns surrounding road safety along the Great Alpine Road.

We heard from the community that many residents had identified issues with the speed limits along the Great Alpine Road and the hazards associated with near miss experiences, particularly between School Road and Eleven Mile Road.

We had a great response from local residents and want to thank everyone for their feedback. You can view the results of our quick poll questions and read the comments below.

This forum has now closed and we are reviewing the feedback to determine next steps.

Next Steps

So that we can keep our community informed, we will be publishing a report on our website to highlight key themes and concerns that emerged from this consultation. This report will assist in establishing a case for reducing speed limits along the Great Alpine Road that will be presented to VicRoads.

Make sure you follow the Sarsfield website to be notified when the report is released and to stay up to date with the Sarsfield Community Association.

Quick Poll Questions

Have you or someone you know experienced a near miss on the Great Alpine Road?

This poll has concluded.

95% (19 votes)
5% (1 vote)
Total Votes: 20

What vehicles were involved in the near miss experience?

This poll has concluded.

33% (5 votes)
60% (9 votes)
7% (1 vote)
Total Votes: 15

Have you had a near miss experience while on the Great Alpine Road?

If you have had a near miss experience as a driver or pedestrian between School Road and Eleven Mile Road on the Great Alpine Road, please let us know by commenting below. You can provide feedback on this topic by adding your name or submitting feedback anonymously.
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